Sabor A Cabo November 30th. 2019 by American Express

Sabor a Cabo is the most important gastronomic festival in Mexico of CANIRAC. A culinary celebration where local ingredients, chefs, restaurants, wineries and the spectacular location merge into a sophisticated, fun and surprising night in Los Cabos.

The Festival

The festival gathers more than 3000 people to taste a selection of 60 restaurants, different wineries, mezcal and tequila. Closing the evening with a spectacular concert. One night on benefit of the Red Cross, Firefighters and Los Cabos Children Foundation.

The Program

From the very first event, the desire to improve the community of Los Cabos through donations to different institutions has been shared by the founders. This objective is the engine of the event. The participation of the restaurants involved is a reflection of their commitment to the destination.





All participating restaurants from Sabor a Cabo share an impressive display of their icon recipes and the chefs have the opportunity to serve the more than 3 thousand people who attend each year. Sabor a Cabo is the most important international gastronomic festival in the country.


This annual gastronomic festival has been named “the most important gastronomic festival of the country” by CANIRAC National.

For 14 years it has been spearhead for the destination’s exposition. Born from the heart of visionary restaurant businessmen such as Edith Jiménez, Carmen Carbajal, Jacobo Turquie, Alfonso Vázquez, Ulises Méndez, Denis Gabriel, Luis Alvarado, Jorge Viaña, Billy Lagarde and Giammarco Vela.

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Bulletin Sabor a Cabo | March, 2019

Preparations for Sabor a Cabo XIV are underway! The international gastronomic festival in Los Cabos has exciting news. Business leader Giammarco Vela has been appointed president of Sabor a Cabo XIV by Board of Director members Alfonso Vázquez, Billy Lagarde, Carmen Carbajal, Denis Gabriel, Edith Jiménez, Giammarco Vela, Jacobo Turquie, Jorge Viaña, Luis Alvarado and Ulises Méndez. In addition, the

The International Gastronomic Festival Sabor a Cabo 13th edition

The International Gastronomic Festival Sabor a Cabo 13th edition, celebrated its most important event of the year, celebrating the flavors, colors and aromas offered by the harmonious cuisine of Los Cabos to locals and tourists. The great event was held on December 1, 2018 in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico, based in the majestic Quivira development, an ideal place

Sabor a Cabo celebrates 13 years of supporting the gastronomy of Southern California

More than 60 restaurants and 20 renowned winemakers will join in the 13th annual Sabor a Cabo and feature a performance by Miguel Bose. November 25, 2018, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur – On December 1st, renowned chefs and winemakers nationwide will mark the 13th edition of Sabor a Cabo, a flavorful festival that embraces and promotes the gastronomy of Sudcalifornia.