The International Gastronomic Festival Sabor a Cabo 13th edition

December 11, 2018

The International Gastronomic Festival Sabor a Cabo 13th edition, celebrated its most important event of the year, celebrating the flavors, colors and aromas offered by the harmonious cuisine of Los Cabos to locals and tourists.

The great event was held on December 1, 2018 in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico, based in the majestic Quivira development, an ideal place to show the world the natural beauty – the union of the desert with the sea – that has given fame to this wonderful Mexican destination.

A beautiful sunset over the Pacific Ocean was the perfect setting to welcome more than 3,000 attendees who made their arrival to tour a large assembly that awaited them with more than 50 culinary options of renowned Chefs cooking their stew dishes at the moment, inviting each attendee to delight with its most relevant culinary proposal, because in this event come together styles ranging from Mexican, Italian, Japanese, vegan, seafood, fish, meat and of course, the proud cuisine of Baja California with regional dishes from the north of the State , in this way Los Cabos as international destination meets all expectations, and accentuates a place in the culinary world with an event that is listed as the most important in its kind in Mexico, a distinction granted by the National Chamber of the Food and Food Industry Seasoned

Special mention deserve the 20 wine houses that, year after year are present to match the exceptional dishes that are served at the festival; an unprecedented added value for attendees who find all the varietals in more than 100 labels to celebrate the most important event of the year, uniting the whole society to contribute to charitable causes in favor of the H. Fire Department, Red Cross , Lety Coppel Foundation and Los Cabos Children Foundation.

The service vocation that distinguishes Los Cabos stood out in each restaurant and its chefs who, when serving again and again, did so with a big smile, delivering their talent and passion for their cuisine, but, above all, they show that all – authorities, businessmen, society and institutions – work together to enhance gastronomy in an event with altruistic vocation and make it a benchmark that provides international prestige.

As a special guest in this edition, the Spanish singer Miguel Bosé stepped on the stage of Sabor a Cabo, offering an unparalleled show as all the attendees chanted, danced their songs and applauded their delivery.

It should be noted that the objective of the festival was fulfilled once again, the corresponding donations were made during the festival, in a formal ceremony before all those present as witnesses of the will and contribution of each one.

Once again, the magic of the festival happened !, showing with pride the great gastronomic proposal with variety, passion and commitment to its destiny, with much Sabor a Cabo!

See you in the 2019 edition!


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