Sabor a Cabo 2019

Dear partners and friends,

Sabor a Cabo begins the dynamics for the culinary festival # 14, in a culinary celebration where local ingredients, chefs, restaurants and the spectacular view of the Sea of ​​Cortez from the Campestre Club merge into a sophisticated, fun and surprising night in Los Cabos.

We are excited to share that this year American Express has become the top sponsor of the event.

Sabor a Cabo presented by American Express will have different programs to highlight the cuisine. One of them will be a week of events in different restaurants, so restaurants are invited to carefully read the requirements to be part and prepare at least one event to participate.

During the night of November 30, there will be 10 spaces available for cooking with a guest chef. There will be the presence of two renowned chefs who will decide the winning dish that will receive a prize.

There are only 10 places to sign up for: CHEFS WITH FLAVOR

When you sign up for Cabo Flavor presented by American Express in any of the two modalities presented here,

Your restaurant will be integrated into the marketing plan, including taking pictures and promotional video following the guidelines of the festival

Sabor a Cabo | Main Event | November 30th, 2019

Click here to register your restaurant at our great event and event week.

Sabor a Cabo | Main Event | November 30th, 2019

Invited Chef + Event Week

Click here to register your restaurant + guest chef at the dynamic Chef Con Sabor a Cabo and week of events from December 1 to 7.

* Only 10 spaces available.

The 13th edition of Sabor a Cabo was presented by Canirac, Los Cabos, in collaboration with hotel entrepreneurs, the Los Cabos Tourism Trust and the Government of Baja California Sur.

Sabor a Cabo 2018 again confirmed its charitable vocation by donating two fire trucks to H. Fire Department of Cabo San Lucas, as well as an ambulance for the Mexican Red Cross.

Sabor a Cabo 2018 brought together more than 55 exhibitors and the participation of more than 32 Mexican winemakers, who offered to the more than 2,606 attendees, an extensive tasting of dishes.

Sabor a Cabo 2018 obtained national and international media coverage in newspapers, magazines and the web with a total of 54 notes, a range of 1,501,083 people.